Neon Safety

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Sketch & Etch signs are designed to be safe to use as a light or enjoyed as a piece of art.

They are cool to the touch, and are made from acrylic and led tubing rather than glass.

While our Neon signs are safe to use, here are a few things to keep in mind which are relevant to most electrical goods.

Things to note

  • Before using your Neon sign, check for any signs of damage to the cord
  • Neon Signs are intended for indoor use only. Signs can be used temporarily outdoors for an event away from rain/dust.
  • Do not plug the Neon into a power source if there is damage to the cord. If there is a break in the Neon casing, do not use the product and contact us immediately.
  • Neon signs should not be handled by children, installed within the reach of young children or installed where children may become entangled by the cord e.g. close to their beds/cots.
  • Do not leave the Neon turned on unsupervised. i.e. don’t forget to turn it off when you leave the premises.
  • We highly recommend using a power board with overload protection.
  • We do not recommend the Neon Sign be installed near heat or where it will be subjected to water or moist conditions.
  • Please disconnect the Neon sign if you wish to move it.
  • The Remote Control for the dimmer settings is battery operated. Please note, batteries are extremely harmful if ingested and/or a choking hazard. Please keep the controller out of reach of small children and don’t allow them to use the controller as a toy.

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