How to hang your Neon sign

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You've received your amazing Neon sign. You've plugged it in, turned it on, and have been wowed by the Neon glow of your new masterpiece. Now what?

Before you get started, here are a few things to note:

  • Installation works best with a friend or two!
  • Most Neon signs are fairly lightweight and weigh between 3kgs – 6kgs/7lb – 13lb. However, we recommend always having 2-3 people to support the neon sign whilst installing to ensure it doesn't fall! 
  • To operate, the Neon sign then needs to be plugged into a standard power outlet. Please ensure the Neon sign is unplugged before you install it.
  • Ensure the Neon sign is mounted securely before plugging in and using it.
  • Please note, splash proof boxes are designed to free stand, not be hung and not designed to be moved regularly.

How to temporarily fix your Neon sign for an event

There are a couple of great ways to display your Neon sign with easy and mark-free removal:

  1. Hang your Neon sign or fix it to a frame using strong fishing line or clear cable ties. This is one of our customer's favorite ways to show off their Neon sign at weddings and events. 
  2. 3M Command Strips are another great option for fixing the sign to a wall for easy and mark-free removal (refer to 3M's instructions for correct usage).

How to permanently fix your Neon sign in its forever home

For a more permanent installation (e.g. your home or office), we recommend:

  1. Using the supplied screws.
    Take care not to drill too deep, as this may crack the acrylic. We suggest using a measuring tape and marking the Neon out with masking tape on the wall - to ensure it’s in the correct position. Then, have another person hold the Neon sign in place while you mark the pre-drilled holes with a pencil. Only once certain it's in the correct position should you attempt the screw the Neon in place. 
    Drill slowly and steadily, making sure not to press the drill head all the way into the acrylic so that the Neon sign isn’t under too much pressure.

  1. 3M Command Strips. Ideal for permanent (and non-permanent) installation of your Neon sign, these are ideal for hanging your Neon without the need to make holes in your wall. To use 3M Strips, simply:
    1. Remove your sign from the box
    2. Turn it over
    3. Apply your 3M Strips to the back of your Neon, as per the manufacturer's instructions (we've used 4 strips in this video)
    4. Press firmly against the wall
    5. Plug in, turn on, enjoy!

Can you have a Neon without the cords?

Our Neons all come with a slim transparent cable which is required to power the Neon sign.

Some customers choose to have these hidden by hard-wiring this cable into the wall! However you will need an electrician to do so. Please note, you may not be able to use your remote and dimmer if the sign is in the wall, as the receiver won't read the remote through the wall. However, the electrician could connect it to a light switch for easy on/off functionality.

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