Can I make my logo into a Neon sign?

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Yes, you absolutely can! We've worked with thousands of brands worldwide to light up their logo in Neon.

Simply send us an email at

Please also include the size Neon you’d like, and upload any files or images that may help us bring your idea to life. We can work with any clear image of your logo, but if you happen to have the actual logo file in .ai/.eps or .pdf, our design team will love you for it! 😉

One of our amazing team members will then be in touch and aim to have a mock-up and quote in 1 to 2 business days.

Have a look at some different ways Neon has been used to bring these client's logos to life.

Please note that all of our signs are designed for indoor use only.

Logo Neon

Neon Outline with Clear Acrylic Backing

Neon Outline with Colored Acrylic Backing

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