Can I get a Neon that changes color?

Updated 2 years ago by Sketch & Etch

Yes, we love to create color changing Neons!

Color changing Neons are a Custom Neon order, that you will need to place directly with us.

They're a fun way of creating different vibes, all with the one Neon! Color changing Neons use specialized tubing, and the colors can be changed with a special color changing RGB remote.

Things to note:

  • The Neon sign will be white when off
  • Due to the specialized tubing, color changing Neons do cost a little more. For a custom quote, email our team and let us know what you want your Neon to say, and the size and font you'd like.
  • LED Casing is white, so colours will have a more pastel look 
  • There is no warm white in this option, only a light yellow 

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