How To Operate My Neon Sign

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You've hung up your Neon sign in the perfect position, exactly where you've been dreaming of hanging it for months! Now what?

Simply plug it in and turn it on.

Sketch & Etch Neons are designed to be user friendly, and easy to operate. However, here are a few useful tips to note.

Getting To Know The Parts

If you've read this article, you'll already have an idea of what comes with your Neon sign.

To operate, it will help to know a bit more about these parts.

The 'cable', the 'power adapter', and the 'receiver'.

The Cable

This is the slim silver wire (in a transparent plastic casing) that runs from your Neon sign.

Many Neon signs will only have one cord. However if your Neon sign is larger or has a more detailed design it will use more LED Neon tubing, and may require 2, 3 or even 4 cords to operate properly.

While Neon signs will turn on with only one power supply, it won't be at its full brightness and there's a change the power supply will be overloaded. We recommend plugging them all in for full enjoyment and to maintain your warranty.

The Power Adapter

This is the black cord that looks much like a laptop charger. It can plug directly into the transparent cable at one end, and the other end plugs directly into a power point like a lamp or laptop charger!

Please note, the photo is for reference only and you will be sent a power adapter to suit your delivery location.

Depending on the size of your Neon sign, you may have 2 (two) Power Adapters. We recommend you plug in both to properly operate the sign and avoid short-circuiting.

The Receiver

The use of your receiver is optional, but is required to use your remote and control brightness and speed settings of your Neon. Plug this between the transparent cable & the power adapter/s to control your Neon by the remote.

Depending on the size of your Neon sign, you may receive a Receive with either one connection point (most signs) or two connection points as pictured (larger signs). You will need to connect all input and output connections in order to use your Remote Control Dimmer.


The Remote

If you order a remote control-dimmer with your Neon, you will receive one of the below remotes depending on the size and type of Neon Sign you've ordered.

See this article for more information about the different types of remotes.

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