What size will my Neon sign be?

Updated 2 years ago by Sketch & Etch

Custom Neon signs using our Neon Builder

The sizing will appear as you type your text into our "Design your own Neon" builder, at the top of the mock-up box.

Please note, this dynamic sizing is mainly a gauge and, given that the fonts are all so different in design. Also, if additional spacing has been included between letters in your custom design additional charges may be incurred.

After you purchase your Neon sign online, you will receive a proof within 24 hours to approve before going to production. The final sizing will be on this proof for you to sign off on - you will also have the option to upgrade at this point if need be!

Pre-designed Neons

All pre-designed Neons in our online shop come in set sizes, which are listed in the product description.

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