What colors do your Neons come in?

Updated 2 years ago by Sketch & Etch

We have 12 brilliant colors of Neon to choose from online.

It can be tricky decided which color Neon to choose from, especially when they all look so amazing! To help you decide on the perfect color for you, here are a few examples of real life examples.

Please note, colors can appear slightly different in photos however we have selected images which we believe most closely match the actual color.

1. Cool White (White when turned off)

2. Warm White (White when turned off)

3. Yellow (Yellow when turned off)

4. Orange (Orange when turned off)

5. Red (Red when turned off)

6. Light Pink (White when turned off)

7. Pink (Pink when turned off)

8. Purple (White when turned off)

9. Light Blue (White when turned off)

10. Blue (Blue when turned off)

11. Green (Green when turned off)

Looking to get a multi-colored Neon?

Can't decide on just one color? Our color-changing Neon will be just what you're after!

Simply get in touch with our team at hello@sketchandetch.co to place your order today.

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